Student Athletes

Student athletes at Princeton can and do go abroad. Depending on your sport and training schedule, it may be feasible for you to study abroad during the academic year. Summer study abroad and international internships are also very popular options for student athletes. As timing is critical, it is important to plan early. It is helpful to talk with other student-athletes who have studied, volunteered, or interned abroad for advice. Coaches can also be very helpful in arranging for training facilities abroad, depending on your sport and available amenities in your host country. Dean Alec Dun, as well as your residential college dean or director of studies, will also be a crucial academic resource for student athletes.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Will I need to keep up with my training schedule while abroad? What might that look like? 
  • Will I need access to special accommodations/equipment to keep up with my training? 
  • Will my host country be able to offer opportunities for me to play my sport while abroad such as club sports?