Timothy Lucas Makinen ’20

Major: Physics
College: Forbes
International Experience: Royal College of Music
Location: London, UK

I'm a physics and music nerd from Alexandria, Virginia. While I enjoyed my time in the physics department during freshman and sophomore years, there was a part of me that always wanted to pursue music at a conservatory level. Working with the physics department, I made space for non-STEM coursework and was able to construct a trajectory that still fulfilled my requirements. The RCM exchange was a breath of fresh air--both in the classes I took with the official program, as well as in the cosmology research I pursued to fulfill my JP requirements at Imperial College next door. Living in a major city gave me lots of perspective I hope to take back to campus this spring. Through the ambassadors program, I hope to make study abroad more accessible to STEM majors, especially if they wish to pursue something different in a new place.

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