Sophia Winograd '21


Major: Politics
College: Mathey
International Experience: University College London (UCL)
Location: London, UK

Hi, I'm Sophia, a senior in the Politics Department. I am also pursuing certificates in German Language & Culture and Contemporary European Politics & Society. On campus, I am involved in the Princeton University Orchestra, Princeton Women in Economics & Policy, Opus 21, and Triple 8 Dance Company. I also came into college knowing that I wanted to study abroad at some point, and that opportunity made itself available my junior spring. 

I studied abroad in London, UK at University College London, and it was an unforgettable experience that has influenced my aspirations for my life after Princeton. After studying in London, I realized that I want to live and work abroad at some point in my career. I was one of a relatively small group to study in London, and I am really grateful for the experience because it was really great. I was able to meet many new people and travel to multiple European cities and Morocco during my time abroad and absolutely loved it. I would recommend studying abroad to anyone looking for a different college experience for a semester, and also to people who are just curious and adventurous! London is a very diverse and foreigner-friendly city, so I think the experience will be fantastic either way.

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