Shannon Chaffers '22

IIP Newsletter Spotlight

Major: Sociology
Internship site: Olive Press, Malaga, Spain
Tell us a little about your IIP: I am interning at The Olive Press, which is an English-language newspaper based in Spain. I've been working on many different types of stories so far, including news, features, and sports articles. My favorite story is one I wrote about the history of Villarreal CF, a soccer team from southern Spain who recently beat Manchester United in the Europa League final. I got to dive into their history as a small-town club and their journey to becoming successful in Europe.

I've also written a couple of stories about interesting places to visit in Spain, and a couple about Spanish history and culture, so even though I'm doing my internship remotely, I feel like I'm learning a lot about Spain from afar.

A famous person (any era) that you'd love to have coffee with: I would love to have a coffee with James Baldwin. He is my favorite author, and his book The Fire Next Time sparked my interest in studying sociology, so it would be very cool to have a conversation with him.
IIP Summer Playlist Song: "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles (this song helped inspire my Villarreal article)

Do you have tips for future interns? I would say be eager to work and willing to try new experiences because those are the ones you learn the most from. Also, focus on building good relationships with your supervisor and co-workers, and being proactive in order to make the most out of your internship. Finally, make sure to not be totally consumed by your work and fit in time for relaxing and just enjoying the summer!