Rafael Tafur '20

Major: History
College: Wilson
International Experience: Tel Aviv University
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

I am majoring in History with a certificate in Judaic Studies. Studying Abroad was a goal for me even before I came to Princeton. I chose to study in Tel Aviv because I wanted to learn more about Israel in context with the regional dynamics of the Middle East. I also had a personal goal of mine, which was to converse in Hebrew and interact with other Israelis on campus. At first glance, it was challenging to plan out my time between writing my JP and enjoying some of the sites around Tel Aviv and the rest of Israel. While in Israel, I took courses focusing on Israeli Politics as the country was undergoing its elections process. I've had some of my best food memories there with the amount of hummus and falafel that I ate. In the end, I was able to say that I fell in love with my experience in Israel. I enjoyed cooking and baking for myself and others around me, especially for potluck Shabbat dinners. For those of you thinking about studying abroad, I'd say that this is your chance to learn more about the world around you and about yourself. Besides cooking and cleaning, I'm also a big fan of learning new languages (so far, I know Spanish, French, and some Hebrew).

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