Rachel Silverman ’20

Major: Woodrow Wilson School
College: Rockefeller
International Experience: WWS University of Oxford: Hertford College
Location: Oxford, UK

During my junior fall, I studied abroad at the University of Oxford in the UK. As a Woodrow Wilson major, I am focused on Western/Northern Europe and my time abroad enhanced my knowledge both academically and culturally of the region. Having grown up in a diplomatic family, I am used to traveling and exploring different cultures but this was my first opportunity to do so without the comfort of my family. Oxford was the perfect experience to travel and learn in a new academic setting and I can honestly say the fall was my favorite semester so far. Being in the UK was a fantastic gateway to all of Europe and I was easily able to travel around the entire continent. Studying abroad not only satisfied my itch to travel but also allowed me to meet so many people I know consider to be some of my closest friends.

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