Owen Travis '24


Major: Computer Science (BSE)
College: Mathey
International Experience: ETH Zürich
Location: Zürich, Switzerland

I’m a senior in the Computer Science department, with a certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning as well as Spanish. I am a strong believer in the value of international education. Before coming to Princeton, I participated in the Novogratz Bridge Year Program in Indonesia, where I spent nine months learning and completing an internship at a nonprofit organization. More recently, in the spring of my junior year, I completed a semester abroad at ETH Zürich. ETH is a rigorous institution, which makes it a good choice if you’re looking to continue challenging yourself academically while abroad (which may not be your biggest goal!). It is common for the entire course grade to be determined by a single exam, which occurs many weeks after the end of term. This allowed me to do a lot of traveling during the semester, but also led to a lot of studying before exams. I mostly traveled by train and visited a total of 11 countries, as well as most major destinations within Switzerland. I did a lot of snowboarding and ate a lot of Swiss chocolate. Now that I’m back at Princeton, I am continuing my involvement with The Daily Princetonian, the Cognitive Computer Science Lab, The Tiger Inn, and working as precept assistant for introductory computer science classes. Feel free to reach out and ask about any of the above!

Student organization(s) I'm a part of at Princeton:
The Daily Princetonian, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, Wawa United, The Tiger Inn, Cognitive Computer Science Lab, Novogratz Bridge Year Indonesia


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