Nicole E. Williams '23

Admission Ambassador
Office Hours

Novogratz Bridge Year Program, Senegal

Hi, I'm Nicole (she/her/hers)! Growing up in an historically Black Christian church, serving has always been a core value of mine. After admittance into Princeton, when I learned about Bridge Year I immediately began to consider taking a detour off the standard four year track to learn what service would look like abroad.  The Bridge Year experience challenged my preconceived notions of what it meant to serve those who were less fortunate than me. Upon returning to the United States with all of the lessons of Bridge Year, I ultimately decided to concentrate in Sociology with a French certificate. I am an active member of Princeton's faith community and am grateful for the global lens that Bridge Year has gifted me to carry into all of my experiences today.


What has participation in Bridge Year meant to you personally?
It was the space I needed to reflect upon my life experiences up until that point and think critically about the woman I wanted to become. On Bridge Year, I got a chance to write my first book and the lessons I learned on that year continue to be a core of my Princeton journey.

What is one skill / talent that you developed while on Bridge Year? 
I learned how to play the kora!


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