Michael Milam ’20


Major: Physics
Residential College: Rockefeller
OIP Program(s): Novogratz Bridge Year Program, Semester study abroad (CUPA in Paris) 
Location (city, country): Salvador, Brazil and Paris, France

How was this significant?
Both of my experiences with homestay families were truly vital to my time abroad and helped me to connect so much more closely with the local culture, as well as to practice my language. My homestay mother in Brazil, Graciete, and I had and still have an extremely close relationship, and I hope to visit her soon. My French homestay family was absolutely wonderful and I've stayed in contact with them since, even stopping by at their family reunion this year in the French countryside. Overall these relationships mean so much to me currently, and are easily the most important takeaways for me from my time abroad.

How has your international experience benefitted you personally or academically?
I think Bridge Year gave me a very eye-opening perspective on what I value and on what kind of person I wish to be. I study physics, and that hasn't changed since returning from Brazil, but the way I move through the world and think about the impact of my actions was certainly significantly changed for the better.