Mark Skepasts '21


Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
College: Whitman
International Experience: University of Melbourne
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hi, my name is Mark, a CEE major from Vancouver, Canada. I was lucky enough to complete my sophomore spring semester abroad in Melbourne, Australia. Although I truly enjoy my time on campus, my semester abroad was a perfect opportunity to experience the different aspects of university life that Princeton does not necessarily offer. First, I was able to live in an apartment during my sophomore spring, where I had to cook my own meals, commute to classes and live with international roommates that I now call my close friends. Second, a foreign city (Melbourne), quite different from Princeton, became another home away from home. Third and finally, from Perth to Cairns, I was lucky enough to travel around a completely foreign country. Thrilled to come back to Princeton this fall, I still look back on the fond memories I formed in Australia. I grew as a student and a person in those five months and cannot wait to return soon.

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