Madeleine Dietrich '20

Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
College: Rockefeller
International Experience: EEB Tropical Biology in Panama
Location: Gamboa, Panama

Hello! I'm an EEB major also getting a certificate in the Environmental Studies program. I spent my junior spring in Panama with the EEB tropical biology program & absolutely loved it! The program allowed me to explore my interest in marine biology in ways I wasn’t able to on campus – for example, spending weeks snorkeling around beautiful coral reefs! The courses were structured to emphasize field work & independent research, which really helped us engage with & get excited about what we were learning. Through Princeton I’ve also been able to travel to Senegal, Morocco, Mozambique, Sweden, and Scotland – each amazing & unforgettable experiences. Regardless of your major, studying abroad is a great way make new friends, get to know yourself a little better, and gain new perspectives & passion about whatever you’re interested in!

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