Lasha Shamugi '26


Major: MAE
Internship site: Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Goettingen, Germany
Tell us a little about your IIP, any fun projects you are engaging with, and what has been rewarding? I am working with the Turbulence and Wind Energy group at Max Planck DS which is conducting a research on turbulent air flows, aerodynamics and wind turbines. Our group is very small and close-knit, which creates a super friendly and "cool to be part of" environment. As an intern, I get to work on setting up the experiment in the pressurized wind tunnel, collecting data, and then analyzing different setups in MATLAB. For now, I already enjoy the working environment here at Max Planck and German culture as an international student myself (from Georgia!) and look forward to what is yet to come in the coming weeks!
Do you have tips for future interns? International experience might be weird and confusing initially, but it will get better! - little advice from an international student and IIP intern.
Your favorite book: I just read "America Calling: A Foreign Student in a Country of Possibility" by Rajika Bhandari and although it's about the experiences of international students, I think it's great read for everyone to get the perspective about cultural and educational exchange, including as the form of soft diplomacy. And as we all are interning internationally, it might be extremely relatable too!
IIP Summer Playlist Song: River Lea by Adele