Larissa Oliveira '21


Major: Psychology
College: First
International Experience: IFSA-Butler University of Cantebury
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

My name is Larissa and I was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. I am a senior in the Psychology department with a certificate in Linguistics. I plan on getting my Master's in Speech-Language Pathology in order to become a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.

Traveling has always been something that has interested me. I love learning about new cultures, especially through meeting people and trying new foods! I knew that I wanted to study abroad ever since high school, so I was really excited to start my journey in New Zealand. Although my experiment was, unfortunately, cut short due to COVID-19, I still had a wonderful time abroad and have made some amazing friends during the short time I was there. I would recommend study abroad to anyone who is willing to learn and expand their minds!

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