Koji Kawamoto '24


I'm majoring in SPIA and pursuing certificates for History and Practice of Diplomacy and Contemporary European Politics and Society. I participated in Brown in Bologna, a full immersion program in Italy offered by Brown University, not just to practice my language but also to experience the local student life and better understand Italian society. I attended lectures at University of Bologna, where I studied post-war Italian political history and legal systems concerning religions and cultural diversity, while also participating a semester-long orientation by Brown office and writing my Junior Paper for SPIA. All of the courses I completed in Bologna counted toward credits for my concentration or certificates. I dedicated my free time to hanging out with my new Italian friends, volunteering at a local food bank, and travelling across the country. Italian is my fourth language, after Japanese, Mandarin, and English, but it has become an indispensable part of my identity through the interactions I had with people in Bologna. 

Student organization(s) I'm a part of at Princeton: 
Japanese Student Association & Princeton Running Club 

Feel free to also ask me about:
Completing your SPIA task force requirement while abroad or using your non-native language while studying abroad


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