Jonathan Ort ’21


Major: History
Residential College: Forbes
OIP Program: IIP
Location (city, country): Buenos Aires, Argentina

Describe a memorable experience abroad:
I'll never forget Iguazu Falls, the monumental cataracts of the Iguazu River, which cleave Argentina from Brazil. I traveled there for a weekend with other Puentes interns. Aside from the natural splendor (which is impossible to overstate), the culture and history of Misiones Province are quite distinct from those of Buenos Aires. The trip was phenomenal!

How has your international experience benefitted you personally or academically?
My internship has re-affirmed my interest in studying and practicing law, because I found my work both meaningful and enjoyable.

What would you say to someone considering an international experience?
An experience of this duration and nature will transform your perspective in so many ways. I cannot recommend it enough! Looking back, I wish I had not been so self-important in my expectations. Upon beginning my internship, I quickly realized that I was not going to immediately grasp everything on my own. Rather, I had to ask my supervisors for the simplest of instructions, as well as be honest about my (then) profound ignorance about the work I was supposed to do. The experience humbled me, and that is precisely why I'm so grateful to have taken part in this program.