Joanna Tang '24


Major: Computer Science (BSE)
College: Forbes
International Experience: University of Edinburgh
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Hi, I am a senior in the Computer Science department. I studied abroad at the University of Edinburgh during the spring of 2023. Because there weren’t specific requirements that I was trying to fulfill while abroad, I was able to choose classes without having to worry about how they translated to Princeton credits. There, I studied Computer Security (COS departmental), Ice and Climate (elective), and Gaelic Identities and Sociolinguistics (elective). Not only was I able to learn about the culture and history of Scotland through exploring Scotland, but also in class via the seminar. Unfortunately, I was there at the peak of UK educational strikes, leading to many canceled classes and sometimes unresponsive professors. However, this only emphasized the need to self-study and allowed me to spend more time outside with friends and explore nearby places. I took advantage of the lighter course load to travel within the UK and Europe and found my way to many unique palaces, cathedrals, castles, lakes, and hikes. Through museums and sightseeing, I learned so much more about France, Italy, Ireland, and Spain! I also became great friends with my flat mates and other students whom I met through international student events and classes - I still keep in touch with them😊. 

Student organization(s) I'm a part of at Princeton:
The Daily Princetonian, Matriculate, Society of Fellow (SOF)


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