Jessica Celuch '24


Major: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
College: Mathey
International Experience: Queen Mary University of London
Location: London, England

I'm currently a senior in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering department pursuing certificates in History & the Practice of Diplomacy and Robotics & Intelligent Systems. I'm originally from Florida's space coast (east of Orlando). I studied abroad in the spring of 2023 at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) where I took two aerospace engineering courses, statistics, and a super interesting 20th German history course. I'm happy to speak with BSE students (or any major with tight requirements) about finding universities and courses that will allow you to fulfil your requirements. I really enjoyed my time abroad and had the opportunity to visit 10 countries (including the UK) by budget traveling. Ask me about solo travel, because it was one of the defining parts of my experience! At QMUL I was super involved in swim club (as I am here), and it really added to my experience. I'm so glad I decided to go abroad because it allowed me to grow so much and make memories I will never forget.

Student organization(s) I'm a part of at Princeton:
Club swim, PUEA, SWE, KKG


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