Jenny Na '24

IIP Newsletter Spotlight

Major: Economics
Internship site (in-country):  CJENM, Seoul, South Korea
Tell us a little about your IIP: I work as a corporate development intern at CJ ENM, one of Asia's largest entertainment firms. I assist the company with M&A, divestiture, and investment deals and conduct research on the U.S. and Korean entertainment industry.

A compelling project I've been working on is mapping out the U.S. entertainment industry value chain, especially with regards to how it has evolved post-COVID19. I'm fascinated by how the transition to OTT streaming platforms (i.e. Netflix) has caused theatrical windows to shorten tremendously and transformed how different media stakeholders distribute profits from entertainment content. This radical change is also sparking much controversy in the media industry, and I'm curious to see how it will affect the production and distribution of future entertainment content!

It's also been incredibly rewarding to witness my contributions yield tangible impacts on a firm that is run on such a large scale! In the first two weeks of my internship, I produced transaction comparables to gauge whether one of our investment targets was overvalued, and my work played a role in CJ ENM's decision not to invest in the company.

Do you have tips for future interns? (1) Don't be afraid to attempt a new task. I was new to corporate development but learned so much during my eight weeks at CJ ENM. Channeling the courage to dive into something new helped me expand horizons and develop new skillsets.

(2) When in doubt, ask! I could have saved time on tasks and learned more quickly if I had the courage to ask questions on even the most trivial matters. I discovered that my colleagues were welcome to all questions regarding matters ranging from excel functions to finance terminology.

A famous person (any era) that you'd love to have coffee with: An San, the Korean archer who won three gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics!

IIP Summer Playlist song: BEAM BEAM - Jeon Soyeon; I had the opportunity to hear Soyeon sing the song live for MCOUNTDOWN at CJ ENM, and I fell in love with her vocals.