Jasmine Berger '24


Major: SPIA
College: Forbes
International Experience: SPIA Program at University of Cambridge & Bridge
Location: Cambridge, England

I am currently a senior in the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA). I have gone abroad with Princeton on two programs – first with Bridge Year in Indonesia and then at Cambridge University. Bridge Year was an amazing way to start my Princeton career, gaining hands-on experience working at a non-profit, staying with a homestay family, and learning a new language. Unfortunately, the nine-month experience was cut short due to the pandemic, and I knew I wanted to study abroad again once the world reopened. I decided to study abroad at Cambridge the spring of my Junior year. I studied Politics through their Human, Social and Political Science department as well as continuing my Junior Independent work with SPIA by participating in a policy task force. The access and knowledge Cambridge provides is similar to Princeton, being taught by world-renowned professors and connecting with a large network of academics. In addition, being in Europe allowed easy access to travel during the five weeklong break we had in between terms. Getting on planes with people I had only met a few months before, we traveled to different cities every few days and learned how to navigate our way through Europe. Through my vastly different study abroad experiences at Princeton I have learned an abundance about the world and myself, and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Student organization(s) I'm a part of at Princeton:
PSRJ, Asylum Project, and The Trenton Project

Feel free to also ask me about:
Studying abroad as someone who is mixed race, Jewish, and a woman


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