Ivy Truong '21


Major: Slavic Languages and Literatures
College: Forbes
International Experience: Middlebury in Moscow
Location: Moscow, Russia

I am a senior in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures. Originally from a small-ish suburb in southern Illinois, I've long been enthralled by the idea of traveling, especially as my family did not often travel. I fell in love with studying Soviet history, Russian culture, and the Russian language in my first year of Princeton, and when I decided to study abroad in Moscow for my fall semester, I had a chance to challenge myself by pledging to speak only Russian for the entire semester. While I was taking classes in Russian and doing all of my assignments in Russian, I was living with a warm, welcoming host family and working on my Junior Paper. However, my biggest accomplishment was far more personal: being abroad had given me the time to reflect away from Princeton on how I wanted to end my Princeton career, and I can't imagine my Princeton experience without my time in Moscow.


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