Cora Wen '24


Major: Economics
College: Butler
International Experience: University College London
Location: London, England

I’m a current senior in the Economics department with a certificate in Finance. I’m originally from Houston, Texas. I studied abroad at the University College of London (UCL) in London, UK during the spring 2022 (my junior spring). While at UCL, I took two courses in economics, one about money and banking and another about the economics of education. I was also able to explore other courses, from entrepreneurship, finance and the ethics of artificial intelligence. I traveled throughout Europe during my semester at London, as it was really easy to navigate transportation abroad. Some countries include Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria!

Student organization(s) I'm a part of at Princeton:
E-Club, Princeton Women in Economics and Public Policy, AASA/CSA

Feel free to also ask me about: