Christine Lu '20

Major: Computer Science
College: Wilson
International Experience: King's College London
Location: London, UK

I was born and grew up in the house in the same town in New Jersey. My home is only an hour's drive from Princeton, so you could say I stayed pretty close to home for college. However, I've always loved traveling and seeing what else is out there in the world. My family didn’t have many resources to travel but we had taken a couple trips to China and around the US. When I dragged my family on a trip to Spain in the summer of 2018, I still didn’t think I would study abroad in Spring 2019. As an engineering major on the pre-med track, I never thought I would even be able to study abroad; what’s more I didn’t think I would ever want to leave the “best place on Earth.” But I’m so glad I did.

I had some schedule planning and high school credit that made it possible logistically to study abroad and I was realizing that I needed a break from the Orange bubble. I still missed all my friends back on campus, but all the cultural experiences, personal growth, and friends I made abroad more than made up for the time I missed on campus. During the semester, I experienced the culture and learned about the history of many European countries. Not only did I learn about these places, but I also learned a lot about myself and made huge developments in my social and life skills.

Being in the Health and Society program at KCL was also an invaluable part of my study abroad experience. Throughout my life, I had always said I wanted to become a doctor without having thought about other career options. At Princeton, I did a lot of exploring in other areas to see if I would be as passionate about them. The Health & Society class confirmed and reawakened my passion in medicine and was the first time I learned about medicine from so many perspectives: ethics, global health, art, technology, etc.

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