Chimwemwe Chinkuyu '25

IIP Newsletter Spotlight

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Internship site: Ventura Medical Technologies, Barcelona, Spain
Tell us a little about your IIP, any fun projects you are engaging with, and what has been rewarding?
My work centers around two of the medical devices my company has developed. One device is a surgical implant that fixes pectus excavatum (a chest wall deformity). I update Ventura's patient database with information from all stages of the implantation process. I also am working on improving existing code to automate the manual process of analyzing patient CT scan images to determine what size implant a patient will need. The other device I'm working with is a handheld, electronic device to remove ear wax. I've been tasked with redesigning it to fix a few issues with the current version. This work is exciting because I am developing my engineering skills while working on products that can significantly improve peoples' health and quality of life. Additionally, all my colleagues are really kind.
Do you have tips for future interns?
Ask questions! The people you're working with know you don't know everything, don't expect you to know everything, and are often very gracious. Take this opportunity to learn as much as you can. Another tip I have is to be bold and ask for help. The same reasons why asking questions, in general, is beneficial apply to asking for help. Additionally, when you ask for help, you can often learn more and progress more on whatever you're working on than if you had struggled on your own.
Favorite Book: "Confessions" by St. Augustine
IIP Summer Playlist Song: "Ghazali” by DYSTINCT and Bryan Mg