Chelsie Alexandre '20

Major: Politics
College: Butler
International Experience: Yonsei University
Location: Seoul, South Korea

Hi, I'm Chelsie, a senior in the Politics Department focusing on International Relations. I am also pursuing certificates in East Asian Studies and History and the Practice of Diplomacy. On campus, I am involved in AASA (Asian American Students Association), PNKHR (Princeton for North Korean Human Rights), BodyHype Dance Company, and Triple 8 Dance Company. I became really interested in Korea during high school, when my friends forced me to watch a variety show of a 13 member group and remember every person. That was a wild ride, but it was the beginning of my interest in Korea. Through watching variety shows and k-dramas, I gained a bit more exposure to Korean culture. As my interests matured from Kpop stars to Korean history, culture, and government, I started learning Korean my freshman year at Princeton, and I have loved it ever since. I have always resented the fact that there aren’t many Korea-centered classes offered at Princeton. There also isn’t a PIB (Princeton in Beijing) or PII (Princeton in Ishikawa) equivalent for Korea. I also came into college knowing that I wanted to study abroad at some point, and that opportunity made itself available my junior spring. 
I studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea at Yonsei University, and it was an unforgettable experience that has helped me shape my professional aspirations. After my experience, I realized that I want to live and work in Seoul at some point in my career. I was one of only two people to study abroad in Seoul, and I am really grateful for the experience because it was a really positive one. I would recommend Korea to anyone studying Korean, and also people who don’t really know Korean and want to start learning. Seoul is a very foreigner-friendly city, so I think the experience is fantastic either way.

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