Arti Schmidt '24


Major: Computer Science (BSE)
College: Rocky
International Experience: ETH Zurich
Location: Zurich, Switzerland

I’m a member of the Class of 2024, originally from Emmaus, Pennsylvania. I’m in the Computer Science department and also currently working toward certificates in Statistics and Machine Learning, Applied and Computational Mathematics, and Robotics and Intelligent Systems. I studied abroad at ETH Zurich in Switzerland during the Fall 2022 semester. There was a huge variety of courses to choose from, and I enjoyed all of mine at least as much as I’ve enjoyed courses at Princeton. My courses were all related to computer science, except for one titled Technology Entrepreneurship that consisted entirely of guest lectures, which was very cool. I did not have any knowledge of German before going but learned some during a two-week intensive course at the beginning of the semester, which also gave me a chance to make some friends with other international students. I lived near the center of Zurich, in the Altstadt (“old town”), surrounded by beautiful buildings and just a five-minute walk from the main campus. I got to know lots of students in my building by playing foosball and hanging out on the rooftop terrace watching sunsets. When I wasn’t studying, I spent my time exploring Zurich, traveling around Switzerland, and going hiking and skiing. I had an incredible experience studying abroad, and I don’t regret spending a semester away from Princeton to do it. 

Student organization(s) I'm a part of at Princeton:
Competitive Programming Club, Robotics Club, COS Council


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