Ara Eagan '21


Major: Sociology
College: Rockefeller
International Experience: Goldsmiths University of London
Location: London, UK

I'm Ara Eagan, a rising junior concentrating in Sociology with certificates in Spanish and Russian! I decided to study abroad as a sophomore, which is quite rare and so therefore I have a pretty unique experience! I studied abroad at Goldsmiths University of London, a liberal-arts college in London, United Kingdom, taking classes in sociology, psychology, and anthropology. While there, I regularly attended a local pub group called Skeptics in the Pub, where we discussed all things spooky and speculative, attended a weekly Spanish conversation group in a cool bar, volunteered with a dog and cat shelter, and worked on my novel regularly. I also managed to travel to over fourteen different countries during my study abroad experience, speak in five different languages, and meet royalty! If you're interested in studying abroad as a sophomore, have any of my interests, or are wanting to travel a LOT on a small student budget, I'd love to talk with you!

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