Aoife Bennett '20

Major: Woodrow Wilson School
College: Forbes
International Experience: Hertford College, University of Oxford
Location: Oxford, UK

Study abroad, though initially quite daunting, was perhaps one of the best experiences I could have had during my Princeton years. From meeting seven new people who I will now be able to call good friends, to rowing on an Oxford University rowing team, to debating one-on-one with elite scholars about topics I had just learned and feeling good about it afterwards, I began to understand myself and my interests on a much deeper level. I will always remember just how eye-opening this experience was, not only for my future in academia, but also for me personally. I grew in my abilities to take care of myself and engage with the world as an adult without anyone there to use as a crutch, which, on top of academic growth, was growth that I sorely needed.

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