Alexa Marsh '25


Major: SPIA
College: Butler
International Experience: Brown in Bologna
Location: Bologna, Italy

I am a junior in the SPIA department pursuing a certificate in Italian Language and Culture. During my sophomore spring semester, I participated in Brown in Bologna, a program designed to offer students an immersive experience in Italian language and culture. I had the opportunity to attend classes at the University of Bologna, considered the oldest university in the Western world, on art history from the Renaissance to the Baroque period and contemporary Italian literature. It was such an incredible experience to take classes alongside native Italian students and navigate an entirely different academic system. Brown in Bologna also required students to participate in a Pro-seminar course taught by our wonderful program director that included trips to Bologna’s various museums and churches. Throughout the semester, the program also organized events intended to encourage cultural engagement, including a night at the opera, a pasta-making class, and day trips to the nearby cities of Parma, Ravenna, and Modena. My semester in Bologna was transformative not only in exposing me to the wonders and challenges of navigating a new city in a foreign language, but also in completely changing my relationship with the Italian language and culture. 

Student organization(s) I'm a part of at Princeton:
Writing Center Fellow and Vote100 Fellow

Feel free to also ask me about:
Studying abroad as a sophomore and using your non-native language while studying abroad


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