Akhila Bandlora '24

IIP Newsletter Spotlight

Major: Psychology
Internship site: Child Family Health International, Cape Town, South Africa
Tell us a little about your IIP, any fun projects you are engaging with, and what has been rewarding?
I am working as a student observer with Child Family Health International in Cape Town, South Africa. In June, I observed healthcare provider and patient interactions at a primary healthcare clinic. The clinic primarily serves an older, low income population, and all services from dietetics to physical therapy are available there. The clinic is a kind one stop shop! I’ve had the opportunity to observe in the HIV clinic, the women’s clinic, general check ups, and psychiatry, to name a few! This month, I'm observing at Red Cross Hospital, a large children's hospital. Here, I’m able to observe surgeries, attend lectures, and attend rounds. In both healthcare settings, I’ve been able to observe, take notes, and ask questions. What I’ve really valued at both Red Cross and Lady Michaelis is my conversations with patients and doctors. It’s been incredibly instructive to fill in the narrative of what Cape Town’s healthcare system is like with the stories of people most immediately affected.
Do you have tips for future interns?
Use TigerNet to contact Princeton alumni in the area! It's definitely something I wish I'd done sooner, but being able to meet two Princeton alumni in Cape Town genuinely was so incredible! The Princeton family is so, so large!
Favorite Book: "Against the Loveless World" by Susan Abulhawa