Akaneh Wang '24


Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
College: Forbes
International Experience: IFSA-Butler University of Melbourne
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hi! My name is Akaneh, and I’m a senior from NYC in the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) department, specifically on the architecture and engineering track of studies with a focus on structures. During the spring semester of my junior year in 2023, I studied abroad at the University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia. At UniMelb, I took a construction management course as one of my engineering science requirements, an urban planning course, a creative writing course, and a Japanese news/political media course. I absolutely loved my construction management course in particular - my professor was the coolest person ever and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Aussie “tradie” culture. I stayed in a residential college called International House (IH), participated in the residential college activities, worked as a student barista at the IH cafe, and was a part of UniMelb’s Construction Students’ Association. Outside of academics, I spent some time traveling around Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns (where the Great Barrier Reef is), and New Zealand. In retrospect, studying abroad in Melbourne not only gave me the opportunity to fall in love with a new city and make friends and memories to last a lifetime, but it also allowed me to reflect on my time at Princeton so far. I came back to the States with a new perspective on life and a new appreciation for the place I’ve called my second home for the past three years. I had the time of my life in Melbourne, and I really can’t recommend studying abroad enough! 

Student organization(s) I'm a part of at Princeton:
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Outdoor Action (OA), Yearbook, BSE Interactor, Princeton Asian American Students Association (AASA)

Feel free to also ask me about:
Studying abroad as a BSE student, and as an Asian American


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