Our Students

Carmen Chen ’21

“This internship was my first time traveling such a great distance alone, and living on my own. I learned many new skills at my internship, and I also learned to schedule my days around my job. During the two months I was in Dubai, I explored the city and discovered new foods and experiences that I will never forget.”

Beata Corcoran ’22

“Working at Philani I was immediately welcomed into the township community. I did my best to be a resource for women to speak with about their thoughts and concerns, both as a friend and as someone who could help them work together to solve some of the challenges women have been facing there…I feel so lucky to have been trusted with so many personal conversations and to have been confided in, instead of treated as an outsider due to our different backgrounds.”

Jake Marsh ’22

“Training with the National Olympic Wrestling team has not only expanded my cultural knowledge, but my wrestling abilities as well. Being able to connect through a sport instantly gave me 12 friends from the start. Training in a foreign country has been an experience I will never forget and friends I will stay in contact with.”

Michael Milam ’20

“[Going abroad] was one of the most important things about my college experience -- be sure to take advantage of these opportunities while they are available, and while you have the freedom to enjoy them.”

Jonathan Ort ’21

“Befriending my Argentine coworkers presented both a daunting challenge and an invigorating opportunity. During my first weeks at the office, I struggled to converse with people, largely on account of being self-conscious about my limited Spanish. Yet, as time went by, I had many low-stakes, one-on-one conversations with my coworkers. Ultimately, getting to know them in an informal way very much helped me feel comfortable and valued at the office. Now, I anticipate staying in touch with at least a dozen of the people I've come to know.”

Ashley Scott ’21

“I feel more grounded. Although I still have moments where I complain about things that I never would have in Senegal, I think that with the experience I have a greater appreciation for the immense differences and unexpected similarities between people. My world is no longer simply made up of my immediate family and the friends that I make in school; I have a broader understanding of the world that I got from being out there.”

Liam Seeley ’23

“I was challenged in a highly non-institutionalized setting to question the systems that I continue to live in, whether they invoke notions of individual or collective power, privilege, identity, colonialism, 'service,' art, love, gratitude, and all those other human things. This is fundamentally personal but also academic in its implication as my participation in a larger scholarly discourse of the world.”

Rachel Silverman ’20

“I learned about the tutorial system at Oxford which was great to have exposure to an alternative academic system. I benefited from developing relationships with my professors through one-on-one or two-on-one tutorials.”

Leah Mildred Smith ’22

“An international experience at Princeton is an opportunity not to be passed up. Whether an internship abroad or a whole semester, either service work or other fields, Princeton has many choices to offer with total academic and financial support. Princeton will help you and prepare you for the most meaningful experience, and you will come back to campus changed for the better. DO it!”