Practical Matters

Housing Registration

Although students may sometimes be concerned about housing selection when they go abroad for a semester or year, many report that the benefits of studying abroad definitely outweigh this concern. You will need some flexibility, and the information below will help you with planning. 

  • For students who study abroad in the fall, the spring housing application will be available through the housing online system in early December. Students can log in and apply, listing housing preferences in the comments section of the application. Students will then be given an assignment based on the preferences they list. Students can request to go into a specific suite if they know there is or will be a vacancy but cannot request a specific single. Students will be able to move into their spring assignment during Intercession. There is no early arrival for spring move-in.
  • Students who study abroad in the spring or academic year and who plan on participating in room draw for the upcoming academic year should follow the exact same steps as if they were on campus. The Room Draw Guide will be posted in early February on the Undergraduate Housing website. Students must submit their Room Draw application prior to Room Draw. If you are drawing with a group, you must accept the Room Draw Application prior to the application deadline. 

If you anticipate being unable to use the online system, please make certain you notify Housing at least 2 weeks prior to the room draw deadline so that there is sufficient time to resolve any problems. You can designate a proxy to select a room for you, but you must submit your Room Draw application yourself and on time, or you will be unable to participate in Room Draw.

Study Abroad Transcripts

Students are responsible for requesting that their official transcripts from the host school be sent back to Princeton as soon as possible after the end of their term abroad. Most universities/programs do not send them automatically, so it is very important to check the policies with your program and request the transcripts as promptly as possible. 

Hard copies of official transcripts should be addressed to the director of the Study Abroad Program at the following address:

Dr. Gisella Gisolo
Office of International Programs
Louis A. Simpson Building
20 Washington Road
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544

Electronic copies may be sent only if they come from a secure system. They should not be sent via non-secure email. Moreover, we cannot accept transcripts directly delivered by students in any format.

As a reminder, your study abroad grades will not appear on your Princeton official transcript, but will appear, unofficially, on TigerHub. After receiving the transcripts, it may take several weeks before seeing the credits posted. You may check on the status of processing in your GPS application.

If you participated in a Princeton faculty-led program, your grades and their credits will automatically appear on your official Princeton transcripts.  

Program Evaluations

Program evaluations are one of the ways in which we can continue to monitor quality and satisfaction, as well as address any post-program concerns. You will be asked to complete two evaluations in GPS regarding your study abroad experience: the mid-semester check-in and the end-of-semester evaluation. Students will be notified when the mid-semester check-in becomes available in GPS, and the end-of-semester evaluation will be available after the official end date of the program. The end-of-semester evaluation is mandatory, and we will not process your foreign transcript until the evaluation is completed.