How to Apply: Academic Year

Applying to Study Abroad for the Academic Year

 Step 1: Choose a Program/University

  • Search in the Study Abroad Program website or Princeton's Global Programs System (GPS) for potential programs or universities. Read evaluations from students who have studied abroad in the past (available in binders in the Office of International Programs) and contact the study abroad global ambassadors.
  • Once you have done some preliminary research and narrowed your options, make a study abroad advising appointment. 

Princeton does not restrict you to the list of Princeton-approved programs. If you have a compelling academic interest and cannot find a pre-approved program that meets those interests, you may petition to attend an alternative program. 

Step 2: Apply to your Selected Program(s)

  • Once you have selected an academic year study abroad program, click "Apply Now" in GPS to see detailed application instructions and information.
    • The GPS application deadlines normally fall at the end of October for spring study abroad, or at the end of April for fall or academic year study abroad
    • Some programs also have specific nomination deadlines, which must be met in order for your study abroad adviser to nominate you timely so that you may then apply to the target program
  • Check the application deadlines of the target programs/universities: 
    • Fall semester or full year abroad: deadlines tend to range December-April
    • Spring semester abroad: deadlines tend to range September-November
    • Oxford/Cambridge: February of the year prior! 
    • For programs and institutions on the approved list that have published application deadlines falling after the internal Princeton deadline for applying for study abroad (end of October/end of April), we adjust the application deadline up to the Princeton deadline.
  • Most programs and foreign universities accept students on a rolling basis, even if they advertise a specific application deadline. As a result, popular programs may fill before the published deadline date. Additionally, many programs are flexible in accepting applications after the deadline if space is still available. Consult a study abroad adviser for options. 

Step 3: Complete Princeton Study Abroad Approval Process 

  • Students should review concentration requirements with their chosen / desired academic department and discuss your study abroad plans with your departmental representative to determine which courses can be counted toward departmental requirements and to make arrangements for the completion of independent work while abroad.
  • Complete all the GPS application items, most importantly the Study Abroad Course Approval form, by the deadlines (end of April for fall semester and full academic year programs and end of October for spring semester programs).
  • If you are petitioning for a non-approved program, you should start working with the Study Abroad Program as early as possible, but at the very least two months before the regular GPS application deadlines (so, no later than the end of August for spring programs and no later than the end of February for fall/academic year programs). More information on the petition process can be found here.

Step 4: Submit Financial Aid Information 

  • One important part of your GPS application is the Financial Aid approval. An easy form to help you project your financial aid needs while studying abroad will be made available in GPS after your application is approved. Deadlines to complete the financial aid questionnaires typically fall around early June for fall semester/academic year programs and early December for spring semester programs.
  • Note: Once you have accepted an external offer of admission to study abroad, you will usually have to pay a nonrefundable deposit. You should also notify other programs that you might have applied to that you will not be accepting their offer.