Financial Matters: Summer

Regular Princeton financial aid is not available for summer study abroad; however, there are other funding options to help you meet your program costs. During the summer, the Office of Financial Aid offers summer savings replacement aid and loans to help meet program costs. Students may also apply to individual funders (e.g., academic departments or centers at Princeton University) for financial support and/or be awarded financial support through the program that they attend.

This section outlines some of the available funding options, as well as information on fees and billing for summer study abroad programs.

Summer funding options:

Dean’s Fund for Summer Study Abroad

  • The Study Abroad Program reviews applications and eligibility for support from the Dean’s Fund for Summer Study Abroad. The Dean’s Fund offers funding on a competitive basis to students receiving financial aid and who enroll in structured academic study abroad and language programs lasting at least four weeks. Please note that U.S.-based language programs are also eligible for Dean’s Fund consideration. 

Princeton & External Funding

  • Some of Princeton’s summer programs provide financial support for admitted students. If your program provides funding, this information will be available through the department offering the program. You can also search for these options on the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE).
  • Explore Princeton’s Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE), which connects students with University funding for activities, including summer study abroad. Applications to the Dean's Fund for Summer Study Abroad are submitted through SAFE.
  • Outside organizations also offer funding for students pursuing specific projects or studying abroad in certain locations. The Undergraduate Fellowships & Scholarships page lists awards for both summer and academic year study abroad. 

Loans & Summer Savings Replacement Aid

Program Fees

Billing for summer programs