Information for Families

Study abroad is an exciting and unique chapter in a Princeton student's undergraduate education. For many, study abroad is a life-changing opportunity and a time of tremendous academic and personal growth.

Students are sometimes reluctant to study abroad (and families are sometimes hesitant to support their student's decision to study abroad) because they are concerned about missing time at Princeton. Based on feedback from students, we can assure you that studying abroad enhances, rather than detracts, from the Princeton experience.

Just a glance at study abroad reflections reveals that Princeton students almost universally recommend study abroad. They return from their time abroad with fresh perspectives on their Princeton experience--academically energized and possessing a broader perspective on the world and their own life, academic and otherwise.

The Study Abroad Program at Princeton University advises students as they consider their study abroad options, and offers support through all phases, from pre-departure to re-entry. This also includes:  

  • Carefully selected programs. We approve programs only after consultation with Princeton academic departments.
  • Individual advice. Our staff meets with every student considering going abroad to help him/her select the program that is the best fit, both academically and personally.
  • Comprehensive pre-departure orientation. Each student is required to attend sessions where they will receive detailed information about health and safety, academics abroad, and site-specific material. 
  • Ongoing communication and support. Our team stays in contact with students during their time abroad in order to support them both personally and academically. 
  • Daily safety and security monitoring. Princeton University and the study abroad team monitors daily advisories from International SOS and the State Department in all countries where Princeton students are studying.

We encourage you to explore this website to learn more about studying abroad in the context of a Princeton education. You can help your student as they embark on this journey by becoming informed about various issues, including Princeton's study abroad policies and procedures, health and safety, cultural adjustment, and more.

Feel free to request information about specific programs and to contact the Study Abroad Program with questions