Meet the Global Ambassadors

Study Abroad Global Ambassadors are Princeton students who have already completed a successful semester or year overseas and are available to share their experiences with you. Feel free to contact our Global Ambassadors with any questions you may have. Use the column on the right to filter by location, college, or major. 

Celeste Claudio ’20

Major: Molecular Biology
College: Rockefeller
International Experience: King's College London
Location: London, UK

Madeleine Dietrich '20

Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
College: Rockefeller
International Experience: EEB Tropical Biology in Panama
Location: Gamboa, Panama

Ara Eagan '21

Major: Sociology
College: Rockefeller
International Experience: Goldsmiths University of London
Location: London, UK

Michael Milam ’20

Major: Physics
College: Rockefeller
International Experience: CUPA / Sorbonne Université
Location: Paris, France

Rachel Silverman ’20

Major: Woodrow Wilson School
College: Rockefeller
International Experience: WWS University of Oxford: Hertford College
Location: Oxford, UK

Katya Vera '20

Major: Anthropology
College: Rockefeller
International Experience: Danish Institute for Study Abroad
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark 

Riley Wagner ’20

Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering
College: Rockefeller
International Experience: University of Cantabria, Exchange in Engineering
Location: Santander, Spain

Alice Wistar '20

Major: Spanish and Portuguese
College: Rockefeller
International Experience: Hamilton College Academic Year in Spain
Location: Madrid, Spain