Meet the Global Ambassadors

Study Abroad Global Ambassadors are Princeton students who have already completed a successful semester or year overseas and are available to share their experiences with you. Feel free to contact our Global Ambassadors with any questions you may have. Use the column on the right to filter by location, college, or major. 

Akaneh Wang '24

Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
College: Forbes
International Experience: IFSA-Butler University of Melbourne
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Daniel Hu '25

Major: Computer Science (AB)
College: Forbes
International Experience: National University of Singapore
Location: Singapore, Singapore

Daphne Hao '25

Major: Molecular Biology
College: Forbes
International Experience: ETH Zurich
Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Jasmine Berger '24

Major: SPIA
College: Forbes
International Experience: SPIA Program at University of Cambridge
Location: Cambridge, England

Joanna Tang '24

Major: Computer Science (BSE)
College: Forbes
International Experience: University of Edinburgh
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Shirley Yang '24

‚ÄčMajor: Molecular Biology
College: Forbes
International Experience: DIS Denmark
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Temi Ayeni '24

Major: Sociology
College: Forbes
International Experience: University College London
Location: London, England

Xander de los Reyes '24

Major: Politics
College: Forbes
International Experience: IES Abroad Nantes
Location: Nantes, France