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Bridge Year currently offers programs in Tiquipaya, Bolivia; Kunming, China; Udaipur, India; Yogyakarta, Indonesia; and Dakar, Senegal.  At each program location, Princeton works with a carefully selected on-site partner that has a history of running meaningful and engaging service-learning programs with a strong track record for managing student health and safety. 

While the core program components are the same across all Bridge Year sites, each location provides unique opportunities for participants. The specific languages studied, the types of service work in which students engage, and the enrichment activities in which participants take part, all vary depending on the program location.

Bolivia Skepasts People sitting and eating

Photo: Mark Skepasts '21

Man riding a bike down a street in China

Photo: Kelsey Dennison '16

Landscape in India

Photo: Tyler Fair '17

Person walking on bridge between two huts

Photo: Where There Be Dragons

People and cows on a beach with boats

Photo: Crystal Liu '19