Mission, Values, Vision


To deliver ethical and collaborative community-based global learning experiences that foster critical thinking and work toward more just, inclusive, and sustainable communities.


  • Diversity:  By engaging deeply with ideas, perspectives, identities, and lived experiences that diverge from our own, we gain not only an ability to think outside of ourselves and the limits of our knowledge, but also a greater capacity to contribute to the making of more just, inclusive, and sustainable communities.  On Bridge Year, we aim to co-create spaces where diverse ways of knowing and being are acknowledged and valued.
  • Introspection: We believe that active community engagement offers opportunities for transformational learning and growth, both within ourselves and within our communities. On Bridge Year, introspection is central to this learning process. Through intentional, on-going self-reflection, we are able to think critically about our beliefs, challenge the nature of our knowledge, gain new insights, and more effectively contribute to the common good.
  • Empathy and Equity in Relationships: Learning and action on Bridge Year start with relationships that respect human dignity and recognize the knowledge, skills, contributions, needs, and experiences of everyone. We must be willing to value and build relationships that are rooted in empathy and equity in order to address harmful social dynamics and effect positive change.  
  • Community Well-Being:  We value attitudes and actions that seek to advance community well-being, and are concerned with entrenched injustices that inhibit well-being within ourselves and within our communities. On Bridge Year, we aim to explore, better understand, and advance our individual and collective well-being, as well as examine and interrogate global power structures that keep us from being well.


A community of collaborative learners who recognize our interdependence and work to advance justice and well-being.