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Meet the IIP Team

Meet the IIP Team

With placements in more than 50 countries, IIP offers students the opportunity to fulfill academic and personal goals while living and working abroad. Interns have held positions in government, media, education, public health and nongovernmental organizations, as well as financial and research institutions.

Before making an appointment with an adviser, please be sure to research internship placements on our website, read hard copy evaluations from former interns (located outside the IIP office), and fill out a required IIP interest form.

Rebecca Graves-Bayazitoglu
Senior Associate Dean

Dean Graves-Bayazitoglu is currently advising for Princeton in France. All advising slots are currently full. If you have questions about specific internships, please email IIP for assistance.

Kimberly Jack
Office Coordinator

Kimberly Jack joined the Office of International Programs in August 2019 as the Office Coordinator. If you have general IIP questions, don't hesitate to email Kimberly at

Shahreen Rahman
Director, International Internship Program

Shahreen Rahman is your first point of contact for all Streicker International Fellows Program and IIP advising (excluding France).