IIP Terms and Conditions

Application and Selection

  • IIP internships need to be at least EIGHT consecutive weeks if they are in-country. Remote internships may vary between five to eight weeks.
  • To apply for an internship, a student needs to be currently enrolled as full-time Princeton first-year, sophomore, or junior. [Note: If a student is not enrolled at the time of application, but will be enrolled during the spring semester or upcoming fall semester, they are eligible to apply.]
  • As part of the application review process, IIP may request information from other office at Princeton to ensure that all students can have a safe and productive international experience. This includes residential colleges, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students, University Health Services (with student’s consent), among others.
  • IIP will consult with the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students to determine whether student applicants have a disciplinary record. IIP will discuss the nature and circumstances of any infraction with the student concerned in preparation for their internship abroad. 

General Policies

  • Selected students will receive a document entitled Terms and Conditions of IIP Award, which confirms the nature of the internship offered.
  • The University reserves the right to revoke sponsorship of an internship if there is a significant deterioration or reasonable expectation of deterioration in the safety and security conditions in the country where travel will occur, or if the University assesses a lack of compliance on the student’s behalf with Rights, Rules, Responsibilities, the laws of the country of travel, or the internship provider’s regulations and policies.
  • The IIP office may require a student to leave the internship and return home or terminate the internship early, if, after consultation with other appropriate University offices, it is determined that the student’s health, safety or well-being is at risk.

Selected Students MUST

  • Withdraw their application from all other summer opportunities both within and outside the University when accepting an internship by returning a completed commitment form.
  • Attend a mandatory University Health Services meeting, and ALL other pre-program activities and orientation. 
  • Complete all mandatory post-decision forms in GPS. In addition, all University-sponsored travel, regardless of destination, must be registered in the Enroll My Trip tool.
  • Secure flight, visa, lodgings, medical insurance, immunizations and local transportation in accordance with any applicable policies in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities and IIP policies. 
  • Adhere to University policy as stated in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities – to know, understand and agree to observe the laws of the host country and to respect the employer’s regulations and policies regarding assignments, working hours, and professional conduct (including dress code), as well as to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to the best of their abilities. If students fail to abide by any of the aforementioned rules and standards, the possible consequences could include University discipline and/or dismissal from the internship.
  • Respond to communication from the IIP office during the course of the internship. This includes but is not limited to surveys, reports, and evaluation forms. 
  • Comply with any additional requirements established by IIP donor (as stipulated in the award letter).

Selected Students MUST NOT

  • Publicize, copy, distribute or use in any form any internship organization data or information without the consent of the organization. 
  • Terminate the internship without prior approval of IIP office and the internship supervisor. In the case of unauthorized internship termination, the student may be asked to reimburse IIP for the full amount of the award received.