Application Timeline

Preparation and Application

September – December

During this time, students should:

Selection and Placement

January – April 

At this time, IIP staff will:

  • Conduct a holistic review of applications
  • Submit application materials to employers based on student qualifications and internship requirements. Employers will conduct virtual / phone interviews before making final selection
  • Release internship decisions on a rolling basis 

If students are accepted to the program, they will:


April – May

Before the end of the academic year, the IIP office will:

  • Issue student’s financial award via SAFE upon completion of all pre-departure and post-decision materials in GPS 
  • Schedule MANDATORY pre-internship orientation and briefing meetings

Students should:

  • Complete all post-decision materials in GPS 
  • Research housing options by reviewing evaluations from previous interns (if in-country positions are available)
  • Review visa regulations and requirements for summer travel
  • Schedule appointments with University Health Services for immunization (if necessary) 
  • Communicate directly with internship supervisor for details about upcoming internship
  • Attend a MANDATORY orientation and briefing meeting

Intern and Return

June – September 

During the internship and upon return, students will be asked to:

  • Notify IIP of any concerns or urgent matters that may impact their internship
  • Complete the IIP orientation survey and discuss any questions or concerns with the IIP team
  • Complete IIP initial check-in survey within two weeks of the start of the internship
  • Submit an IIP Snapshot for the IIP website and social media 
  • Submit IIP final evaluation and virtual presentation 
  • Send in thank you letters for donors

The IIP office will: