Application Timeline

Preparation and Application

September – November

During this time, students should:


IIP deadline: Students must submit their application by Monday, December 4 at 3pm. No extensions will be available to students who are not able to adhere to the program deadline.

Selection and Placement

January – March

At this time, IIP staff will:

  • Conduct a holistic review of applications
  • Notify students if they have been preliminarily accepted by IIP and will have their applications sent to an employer.
  • Submit application materials to employers based on student qualifications and internship requirements.
  • IIP candidates are encouraged to participate in mock interviews to help prepare for the formal interviews.
  • Employers will conduct virtual / phone interviews before making final selection. Students should NOT contact the employer directly for solicitation or to ask about the status of their application.
  • IIP will release internship decisions on a rolling basis.

If students are accepted to the program, they will:

  • Receive the Terms and Conditions of the IIP Award and have THREE days to respond and accept the offer of internship

  • Students who withdraw from IIP after the terms and conditions have been processed will be assessed a $500 late withdrawal fee by Princeton. Students may be assessed other fees as well depending upon the withdrawal and refund polices of their particular IIP.


April – May

Before the end of the academic year, the IIP office will:

  • Issue student’s financial award via SAFE upon completion of all pre-departure and post-decision materials in GPS
  • Host MANDATORY pre-internship orientations and briefing meetings as requested by the IIP advisor

Students should:

  • Complete all post-decision materials in GPS 
  • Inform the IIP office of any accommodation they would need to complete a successful international internship.
  • Research housing options by reviewing evaluations from previous interns
  • Review visa regulations and requirements for summer travel
  • Schedule appointments with University Health Services for immunization (if necessary) 
  • Communicate directly with internship supervisor for details about upcoming internship
  • Contact GS&S for any concerns about travel or safety to the IIP location.
  • Attend a MANDATORY orientation and follow up with their IIP Adviser. 
  • Follow all pre-travel guidelines on the Undergraduate Travel Checklist


June – August

During the internship and upon return, students will be asked to:

  • Notify IIP of any concerns or urgent matters that may impact their internship
  • Consult with IIP Provider on any issues related to program logistics including but not limited to transportation, housing, general concerns with acclimation to culture, dietary restrictions, homestay or others.
  • Discuss any questions or concerns with their IIP adviser 
  • Contact ISOS for any medical emergency.
  • Contact GS&S for any safety concerns.
  • Report any medical or safety incidents to their IIP Adviser.
  • Meet with their IIP Adviser for an initial check-in after the second week of the IIP.
  • Submit an IIP Mid-Program Snapshot 


  • Submit IIP final evaluation.
  • Submit IIP virtual poster
  • Meet with their IIP Adviser to share debrief and exchange ideas for future candidates.