About IIP

About the International Internship Program

The International Internship Program (IIP) offers guidance and financial support to undergraduates who wish to undertake a summer internship abroad. With placements in more than 50 countries, IIP offers students the opportunity to fulfill academic and personal goals while living and working abroad. Interns have held positions in government, media, education, public health and nongovernmental organizations, as well as financial and research institutions. 

IIP provides international internships for first-years, sophomores, and juniors that are specifically designed for Princeton students. Each internship is approximately eight weeks long and includes a financial award.

What is special about IIP?

Select from a wide range of responsibilities

  • IIP offers placements in a variety of interest areas. Students will have the opportunity to take on a range of work responsibilities – from lab research and fieldwork to administration and marketing. Our close relationship with each direct supervisor allows us to monitor the level of work responsibilities given to each intern.

Fulfill personal and academic goals

  • IIP encourages students to connect their internship experience to their academic interests. Students are encouraged to seek out faculty and graduate students pre- and post-internship for recommendations on how to further their experience. Many students have incorporated their IIP research into their junior paper and senior thesis. Students should check with their academic department to see if an internship will be required as part of your concentration or certificate.

Contribute to “the service of humanity”

  • A number of IIP placements allow students to take on essential service projects across the globe. These placements aim to provide students with the opportunity to work with local communities on short- and medium-term projects that lead to tangible positive impacts.

Make connections on- and off-campus

  • IIP interns will make lasting connections with their supervisors, colleagues, and research teams abroad. Students will also have the chance to connect with community experts and local organizations in Princeton, who will help them prepare to better carry out their work responsibilities. 

Learn to network abroad 

  • IIP advises interns on how to start networking with colleagues and alumni at an international level even before the students leave campus.

Important note about summer 2022

Please note: The International Internship Program (IIP) will place interns for summer 2022. We are evaluating both in-country and remote positions, however, in-country internships will be contingent on a number of factors including University travel guidelines, government travel restrictions, and public health advice.

Questions? Email us at iip@princeton.edu.