Fellowships Pre-advising Form

This form will act as a starting point for your fellowship/scholarship process. It will also provide the Fellowship Advising team with information so that we may best serve your needs. 

Prior to your first meeting with a fellowship adviser, please: 

  • Review the full range of fellowship opportunities on our website. 
  • Carefully review the eligibility requirements and application instructions of any fellowships or scholarships that pique your interest.
  • Complete this form to the best of your ability. You will also be asked to submit your resume and an unofficial academic transcript.
  • Please submit your advising form (including resume and transcript) at least 24 hours before your appointment.
Please bring a printed copy of your resume along with this form to your advising appointment.
FELLOWSHIP PLANNING: The following questions and prompts are designed to encourage you to think carefully about your experiences, interests, and potential fellowship opportunities. Please use this opportunity to research fellowship opportunities and reflect on your interests and goals by completing the form to the best of your ability. It is fine if you do not yet have responses to all of these questions.
How did you first learn about this office?
Faculty Members
Please list the name, position, and contact information of three faculty mentors or work, research, internship, or volunteer supervisors who would write you strong letters of recommendation. Please briefly explain the context in which you’ve worked together. Note: Many fellowships and scholarships (including the US Rhodes) require more than three letters.
(name, position, contact information)
(name, position, contact information)
(name, position, contact information)