Fellowships Mentoring Program

The Princeton Fellowship Mentoring Program provides students who are seriously considering fellowship opportunities the chance to engage with alumni mentors. 

The program is facilitated through a secure site that is managed by the Fellowship Advising team. Princeton students and recent alumni who have met with advisers and have demonstrated a strong commitment and fit to a scholarship will be given access to the mentoring program’s secured site.

Fellowship mentors will share their insights and experiences with the application process, their experiences during their fellowship, and the impact their fellowship had on their academic, professional, and personal development. Mentors are available for e-mail communication. Please keep in mind that mentors are volunteering their time and have many other commitments.

If you are interested in being paired with a mentor, please make an appointment with a fellowship adviser in our office. Then, you should fill out the form below:

Region of Interest
Fellowships of Interest