Trevor Noah: Travel teaches you that the way you think the world is, isn't

May 19, 2021

Author, comedian, and host of “The Daily Show” Trevor Noah shared how travel has shaped his perspective during a special Class Day conversation with Princeton students.

Class Day co-chairs Michael Wang, Morgan Smith and Kamya Yadav asked Noah about his comedy beginnings, navigating “belongingness,” and his hopes and fears for the future.

Yadav, an international student from New Delhi, India, who completed an International Internship Program (IIP) internship at the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, asked Noah to talk about the influence that travel has had on his life.

“Travel, for me, is a humbling experience,” he explained. “It will show you that the world is bigger than your world. It will also show you that every idea that you have accepted as dogma is, in fact, just an idea.”

Noah explained that, for him, traveling has been both “humbling” and “informative” and can help people examine their preconceived notions about their own worldview.

“I think [travel] gives you a sense of understanding that everybody is generally coming from a perspective in the world that they think is correct because they’ve learned it,” he said. “But in fact, there is no ‘one correct way’ to do anything, you know? Unless it’s science, everything else we’ve just applied with a veneer of the way it’s supposed to be.”

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