Senior Julia Chaffers awarded Marshall Scholarship for graduate study in the UK

Dec. 13, 2021


Princeton senior Julia Chaffers has been named a 2022 Marshall Scholar to pursue two years of graduate study in the United Kingdom. The Marshall Scholarship offers intellectually distinguished young Americans the opportunity to develop their abilities as future leaders by studying at a U.K. university of the recipient’s choice.

Chaffers, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, is concentrating in history and pursuing a certificate in African American studies. She is among the 41 winners of the 2022 Marshall Scholarship, selected from nearly 1,000 applicants from public and private colleges and universities across the United States.

For her first year of graduate study, Chaffers will pursue a master’s degree in United States history and politics at University College London. For her second year, she plans to study British history with a focus on public history at the University of Manchester.