Meet the Recifences: Faridah Laffan '18 in Recife, Brazil

Oct. 8, 2016

Faridah Laffan ’18 spent this summer working as a research assistant at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil where she conducted archival research on culture in 1930s Recife. She was one of eight undergraduates who were awarded 2016 Streicker International Fellowships, which provide funding for students to carry out substantive research or educational projects while immersed in a foreign culture.  

For her Learning Across Borders (LABs) reflection project, Laffan focused on the immersion portion of her fellowship. In her blog “Meet the Recifences,” she features portraits of some of the people she met in Brazil this summer.

"Instead of asking about pivotal moments in my friends’ lives as on the Humans of New York facebook page (my inspiration), I asked for basic information and what people liked most about their city. The portraits that follow, of Daniel, Patricia, Luana, Hygor- my friends- are of a fraction of the the people who welcomed me to Recife. They put up with my dodgy Portuguese, and took me to places as varied as their favourite restaurants, the little museums that dot the old part of town, and even a soccer game. They enthusiastically transformed two months in a foreign city plagued by poor public transport and sharks (the waters are infested, apparently) into two months in a place that vaguely resembles home. I am indescribably indebted to the 10 people I’ve introduced on this blog, as well as the countless others I didn’t get the chance to interview, for welcoming me to their city, and for welcoming me into their lives. I hope you enjoy meeting them as much as I did." -- Faridah Laffan '18

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