Disabilities & Accessibility

It is important for students to know that each country, city, or host institution may have different laws, practices, and attitudes about disabilities, both visible and invisible. Available resources, as well as levels of accessibility vary greatly by location. It is highly recommended that you begin planning for necessary accommodations early. Staff within the Office of Disability Services, as well as in the Office of International Programs, can speak with you about any concerns you may have and can put you in touch with returned students.

Questions to ask yourself

  • What accommodations do I need to to live/work/study in my host country?
  • Am I comfortable disclosing my accommodation needs if asked (whether during the application process or in country)?
  • What would be the consequences of not disclosing my disability and then needing accommodations later that are not available?
  • How does my host country view individuals with disabilities?
  • How does my host country define "accessible" and does it match what I need?
  • What is the current level of physical accessibility in my host city/country?